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Wool Woven Axminster Carpet For Hotel Hall Decorative

Whether you need axminster carpets for your home, office, or hotel, we have the perfect solution for you. Our axminster carpets are designed to suit any style and budget.
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Do you want to experience the luxury and craftsmanship of axminster carpets? Axminster carpets are woven carpets that are made from wool and nylon fibers, which offer durability, stain resistance, and color fastnessAxminster carpets are not only functional and comfortable, but also expressive and artistic. They can create complex and vivid patterns, which enhance the aesthetic and atmosphere of your space. Visit our website to see our carpet collections.

Fiber System:80% wool 20% nylon 6
Backing Structures:PP or Jute, Polyester
Pitch:7 per inch7 per inch7 per inch7 per inch
Rows:7 per inch8 per inch9 per inch10 per inch
Pile Height:7mm8mm9mm10mm
Pile Weight:1006g/sq.m1262g/sq.m1552g/sq.m1866g/sq.m
Color fastness to rubbing:GB/T14252-2008, Passed
Fair Rating:Passed B1
Certification:ISO9001, ISO14001, CE, CRI
Packaging DetailsPacked in roll; Size: 500mm*50mm*4000mm ; 250kg per roll; 1CBM per roll
Attention:Before installing the wall to wall carpets, interior decoration must be completed. The base layer for laying the ground requires a flat, smooth and clean surface.

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